Cloze 1

After choosing the correct vocabulary word to complete the sentence, click on the button to check your answer.

  1. Herpes can be _____ by skin-to-skin contact..
    a. transmitted
    b. distinguished
  2. One ____ of the disease is a red _____.
    a. speculation and tingling
    b. symptom and rash
  3. What _____ is the patient?
    a. population
    b. gender
  4. If the symptoms _____, you should go to a doctor.
    a. persist
    b. lapse
  5. A host organism can be the _____ of a parasite.
    a. prey
    b. flake
  6. The doctor's _____ at the patient's chart lasted approximately 15 seconds.
    a. study
    b. glance
  7. Influenza is a _____ disease.
    a. fearful
    b. common
  8. In scientific writing, authors should avoid _____ language.
    a. formal
    b. informal
  9. Galileo _____ that objects fall to the ground at the same rate of speed.
    a. wondered
    b. speculated
  10. The disease is _____ by contaminated food.
    a. spread
    b. caused
  11. The Iraqis _____ Kuwait.
    a. invaded
    b. invasion
  12. He spent 1 million dinars on his _____ new home.
    a. luxurious
    b. common
  13. He was given _____ to run the program as he wished.
    a. option
    b. free rein
  14. As soon as he finished his homework, he _____ turned on the television.
    a. instantaneously
    b. ordinarily
  15. Someone who works at MacDonalds is usually not a _____.
    a. profession
    b. professional

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