Medical Vocabulary Practice

Directions: Choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below.

1.      Between the ages of 45 and 50, most women go through ___, or the permanent cessation of menses.

a.       menopause

b.      menarche

c.       menorrhea

d.      amenorrhea

2.      Although the man was innocent, he accused himself of the crime because of the psychosis ___.

a.       pseudophobia

b.      pseudoedema

c.       pseudoinsanity

d.      pseudomania

3.      The patient underwent an emergency laparectomy, or ___.

a.       prolapse of part of the abdominal wall

b.      incision of part of the abdominal wall

c.       collapse of part of the abdominal wall

d.      excision of part of the abdominal wall

4.      The fire which destroyed most of the city was started by a ___.

a.       pyromaniac

b.      pyrexia

c.       pyrophobia

d.      pyrotoxin

5.      The man was listed in the Guinness Book of Records because of his red skin, or ___.

a.       xanthoderma

b.      leukoderma

c.       erythroderma

d.      melanoderma

6.      The patient complained of pain due to a ___, or cystic tumor of a sweat gland.

a.       hidrocystoma

b.      hydrocyst

c.       hidrosis

d.      hidrorrhea

7.      The doctor diagnosed the woman as suffering from ___, or herniation of an eye.

a.       ophtalmocystitis

b.      ophtalmoma

c.       ophthalmocele

d.      ophthalmoplegia

8.      The 90-year-old woman knew she was in the wrong doctor’s office when he told her that he was a ___.

a.       gynecologist

b.      cardiologist

c.       pediatrician

d.      geriatrician

9.      Glycolipid should make you think of two foods:

a.       hamburgers and fat

b.      sugar and animal starch

c.       glycogen and fat

d.      sugar and fat

10.  Around the time of birth, the testicles normally descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum. Sometimes this fails to happen, so surgical repair is indicated. The operation is called an ___.

a.       orchidoplasty

b.      orchidopexy

c.       orchidocele

d.      orchidotomy

11.  Excessive secretion of an endocrine gland is called ___.

a.       cryptitis

b.      cryptectomy

c.       cryptorrhea

d.      cryptopyic

12.  The combining form of location for “near” is ___.

a.       par/a

b.      end/o

c.       mes/o

d.      retr/o

13.  The blastoderm is an embryonic disc of cells that gives rise to the three main layers of tissue in humans. The outer germ layer is called the ___. The inner germ layer is called the ___. Between these two is a middle germ layer called the ___.

a.       ectoderm, endoderm, paraderm

b.      ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm

c.       endoderm, ectoderm, retroderm

d.      endoderm, ectoderm, mesoderm

14.  ___ is an adjective meaning within the cartilage.

a.       Endochondral

b.      Ectochondral

c.       Mesochondral

d.      Parachondral

15.  The psychiatrist treated the patient for ___, or biting one’s self.

a.       bradyphagia

b.      tachyphagia

c.       autophagia

d.      monophagia

16.  The medicine is contraindicated, which means ___.

a.       it is for birth control

b.      symptoms make a particular treatment inadvisable

c.       it is against the will

d.      it is given to people who are contrary

17.  Fatma has borne eight children. The medical term for a woman who has borne many children is ___.

a.       multipara

b.      mater

c.       mother

d.      multipariah

18.   “Baby teeth” that fall from a child’s mouth are called ___ teeth.

a.       abducted

b.      descending

c.       aberrant

d.      deciduous

19.  The man told his doctor, “I think I have ___ because I absolutely cannot stay awake.”

a.       narcotics

b.      narcolepsy

c.       narcosis

d.      narcoplegia

20.  ___ means that a woman’s breasts are of unequal size.

a.       aneurism

b.      isotonic

c.       anisocytosis

d.      anisomastia

21.  The patient complained of inflammation around a gland, or ___.

a.       periadenitis

b.      pericolpitis

c.       perihepatitis

d.      peridentitis

22.  Two prefixes which mean “together” or “joined” are ___.

a.       sin and syn

b.      sym and syn

c.       sun and sin

d.      sum and syn

23.  The doctor performed surgery because ___ had occurred, or the patient’s lower extremities had grown together.

a.       symblepharon

b.      sympathoma

c.       sympodia

d.      sympathy

24.  Two words meaning below the sternum are ___.

a.       extrasternal and intrasternal

b.      parasternal and suprasternal

c.       infrasternal and substernal

d.      episternal and introsternal

25.  The baby was born with half a heart, or ___.

a.       bicardia

b.      hemicardia

c.       unicardia

d.      tricardia