Sprains and Strains:A Comparison and Contrast




I.†† Introduction

  1. General introductory statement
  2. Definitions of sprains and strains
  3. Background information
  4. Thesis statement:
    1. sprains and strains
    2. comparison and contrast
    3. three aspects


II.Causes of sprains and strains [similarities & differences]

  1. Similarities
    1. accidents
    2. sports
  2. Differences
    1. sprains

a.       types of accidents

b.      types of sport

    1. strains

a.       types of accidents

b.      types of sport


III.Signs and symptoms [similarities & differences]

A.     Similarities

1.      three categories according to severity

2.      symptoms

a.       pain

b.      swelling or inflammation

c.       loss of function

B.     Differences

1.      sprains (grade I, grade II, grade III)

2.      strains (grade I, grade II, grade III)


IV.†† Prevention of sprains and strains [similarities]

A.     Healthy lifestyle

B.     Correct footwear

C.     Following doctorsí recommendations (re sports)


V.††† Conclusion

A.     Summary of main points

B.     Restatement of thesis