Scientific Properties

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1.      The opposite of brittle is ___.

2.      The opposite of hard is ___.

3.      A ___ material does not bend easily.

4.      ___ is the rubbing of one surface on another.

5.      A ___ material bends easily.

6.      A material that is ___ allows water, gas, etc. to pass through it.

7.      Materials which are ___ do not dissolve.

8.      A material or substance that is ___ has the power to move spontaneously.

9.      You cannot see through ___ materials, and light cannot pass through them.

10.  You cannot see through ___ materials, but light passes through them.

11.  One ___ of steel is toughness.

12.  Chalk is ___ because it easy to scratch.

13.  Some materials have a ___ surface; they produce little friction when rubbed on another surface.

14.  An example of a ___ material is glass.

15.  An example of a ___ material is steel.


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