English 183 / Cause and Effect Essay


Question:  How can I improve Student Essay 2 (pp 14-15 in the   





A)     Change the topic sentence of paragraph 4 to fit supporting details this way:


     The second cause of halitosis is dryness of mouth, which is mainly caused by





B)      Re-arrange paragraphs in order of familiarity:

1.     plaque/food  2. dryness of mouth  3. alcohol/baking soda


       The thesis statement should reflect this change like this:


     The three main causes that lead to halitosis or chronic bad breath are accumulated


bacterial plaques and food coated on the back of the tongue, dryness of mouth caused


mainly by smoking, and alcohol and baking soda based oral products.



C)     Add the missing summary part to the concluding paragraph.

This is the corrected sample of the concluding paragraph prepared by Section 2:


      Accumulated bacterial plaque and food, dry mouth, and oral products with


alcohol or baking soda are the three main causes of halitosis.  When bacteria react


with food in the mouth, putrid gases are produced.  Bad breath also results from


smoking, sinus and nasal blockages, and sleep because these give rise to mouth


dryness.  Alcohol and baking soda in oral products promote dryness of tissue and


change the pH of the mouth, thus resulting in halitosis.