English 183 / Cause and Effect Essay


Sample Essay (p. 16 in textbook) prepared by Section 2


Causes and Effects of Burns

Burns are dreadful accidents that could happen to any person.  Burns are tissue injuries that result from contact with numerous agents.  Certain chemicals, electricity, and fire cause burns; moreover, each one of these affects the body in a different way and may result in death.

When the skin comes in contact with a toxic substance like hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, a chemical burn occurs.  Local pain, breathing difficulties, and unconsciousness result from chemical burns.  In severe cases, they may lead to death.

An electrical burn occurs when the skin is exposed directly to electricity.  This type of burn leads to fatigue.  In addition, it can develop heart or respiratory failure, which could be fatal.

Thermal burns result from residential or house fires.  They cause pain and blisters.  If complications arise, shock and death may result.

In conclusion, the most common types of burns are chemical, electrical, and thermal.  In mild cases, all types cause pain, fatigue, and blisters.  In severe cases, heart and respiratory disorders may be fatal.