Fill in the Blank Exercise: S-Z

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1.      I find injections to be ___ (frightening).

2.      One man said that the English football fans should be ___ (separated) so that they would not cause trouble at the football match..

3.      I felt a burning ___ (feeling) on my skin..

4.      I had the peculiar ___ (feeling) that I was floating in air.

5.      Today, our teacher ___ (demonstrated) us how to write a summary.

6.      A trace of blood ___ (was able to be seen) in the patient's urine.

7.      His test results ___ (prove or confirm) that he is a good student.

8.      One ___ (unpleasant effect that something may have in addition to the effect it is supposed to have) of the cold medication is sleepiness.

9.      The transfer of carbon dioxide occurs ___ (concurrently) with the transfer of oxygen.

10.  He told the police officer he was ___ (not intoxicated).

11.  The lotion had a ___ (calming) effect on the patient's sunburned skin.

12.  Place the liquid in a ___ (uncontaminated) beaker.

13.  The patient's symptoms ___ (indicated) malaria.

14.  His leg was ___ (enlarged)..

15.  Her ___ (chore) was to record changes in the patient's temperature.

16.  Some people have a ___ (inclination) to be diabetic.

17.  The tool, ___ (referred to as) a gastroscope, allows doctors to examine the gastric tract.

18.  Scientists ___ (speculate) that a large meteorite collided with the earth a long time ago.

19.  His father was a ___ (tough) man.

20.  That ___ (strong) man can lift 200 kg.

21.  ___ (minute amount) of blood were found under her fingernails.

22.  Doctors ___ (discovered or linked to) the cause of the disease to a mutant gene..

23.  The drug is used for its ___ (sedating) effect.

24.  The liquid was ___ (changed) into a gas.

25.  Fortunately, the pain is ___ (temporary or fleeting).

26.  The hormone ___ (activates) growth.

27.  The mixture exploded ___ (unpredictably).

28.  It was an ___ (very difficult and requiring a lot of effort) fight against emphysema.

29.  He was ___ (completely) surprised by her decision.

30.  Sometimes non-verbal communication is more important than ___ (oral) communication.

31.  The blood travels ___ (by way of) the arteries.

32.  He closed his hand in a ___ (forceful) movement.

33.  Oxygen is ___ (crucial) for human survival.

34.  We spent a pleasant afternoon ___ (roaming) through the mall.

35.  The disease is ___ (prevalent) throughout Europe.

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