Medical Vocabulary Practice

Directions: Choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below

1.       The medical term for a condition of stiffness is ___.

2.       Because Dalal could not move her lips, she was diagnosed with ___.

3.       ___ refers to imbalance of the muscle that carries or bears the eye outward. Another term for this condition is wall eye..

4.       ___ is the study of people, insects, or animals that bear disease.

5.       ___ is the scientific term for stopping or controlling.

6.       ___, or literally “split mind,” is a serious mental illness in which one’s thoughts and feelings become separated from what is really happening around him or her.

7.       Calcane/o in a word refers to the ___.

8.       Carp/o in a word refers to the ___.

9.       The plural of ischium is ___.

10.   Fatma fell down the stairs and broke her ___, or breastbone.

11.   Another term for the fingers and the toes are the ___.

12.   Ahmed was wearing a plaster cast on his broken ___, or bone of the upper arm.

13.   A ___ is a rounded process that occurs on many bones.

14.   A ___ is a collection of nerve cell bodies.