Medical Vocabulary Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises

Directions: Choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below

1.       To ___ from reality is to be mentally ill.

2.       To ___ is to cut a tissue or to undo it (into parts) for purposes of study.

3.       The word meaning pertaining to blood is ___.

4.       A child born with a lateral curvature of the spine has ___ scoliosis.

5.       A cell having one nucleus is ___.

6.       A cell having two nuclei is ___.

7.       Malodorous means having a ___ odor.

8.       When the ileocecal valve cannot perform its function, the result is ileocecal ___.

9.       The liver belongs on the right side of the body. If a patientís liver is on the left side of the body, the condition is hepatic ___.

10.   ___ is the act of carrying water vapors across lung or skin tissue to eliminate them from the body.

11.   To transport a cargo is to carry it ___ the ocean or land.

12.   The word meaning against the side is ___.

13.   The adjective denoting a drug that works against infection is ___.

14.   An antibiotic is an agent that works ___ various infections.

15.   ___ means pus in the bloodstream.

16.   The prefixes sub and infra mean ___.

17.   The prefix meaning over or upon is ___.

18.   The prefix meaning outside of, beyond, and in addition to is ___.

19.   The prefix meaning below or under is ___.

20.   The prefix meaning under or below is ___.