Medical Vocabulary Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises

Directions: Choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below

1.       Sense organs and some glands are formed from the ___.

2.       Organs, such as the stomach and small intestine, arise from the ___.

3.       Muscles are formed by the ___.

4.       ___ means forward bending.

5.       ___ means diagnosing one’s own diseases.

6.       The medical term for biting oneself is ___.

7.       A woman who has borne more than one child is referred to as a ___.

8.       A woman who has never borne a child is referred to as a ___.

9.       A woman having her first child is referred to as a ___.

10.   ___ means taking a baby away from the breast.

11.   “Baby teeth” that fall from a child’s mouth are called ___ teeth.

12.   When calcium is removed from the bones, there is less calcium than formerly. This process is called ___.

13.   ___ means the taking out (from) any part of the body.

14.   Excretion is the process of ___ a substance.

15.   ___ means seizure or attacks of sleep, i.e. a person is absolutely unable to stay awake.

16.   Something that is isometric is of ___ dimensions.

17.   An ___ solution has the same osmotic pressure as red blood cells.

18.   ___ means that the pupils of the eyes are of unequal size.

19.   The medical term for inflammation around a gland is ___.

20.   ___ means limited in space (as though a line were drawn around it).

21.   Of the two prefixes that mean through, the one that you would expect to use more often in medical terminology is ___.

22.   ___ means puncturing through.

23.   A ___ is a parasite that lives on dead organic matter.

24.   The medical term ___ means fingers or toes of equal length.

25.   An abnormal condition resulting in unequal size of red blood cells is ___.