Medical Terminology Exercise 4

Directions: Based on vocabulary found on pages 88-127 in Medical Terminology, choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below. Compare your choice to the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

1.      The man had suffered from _____, or inflammation of the renal pelvis.

2.      The surgeon performed surgery involving _____, or suturing of the ureter.

3.      The patient almost died because of _____, or stomach hemorrhage.

4.      In order to save the patient, the doctor performed _____, or surgical puncture of a lung.

5.      The doctor diagnosed the darkly pigmented cell as a _____.

6.      The fungus was the cause of the boy's _____.

7.      The doctor noticed the woman's mouth and tongue were inflammed, so he diagnosed her as suffering from _____ and _____.

8.      The doctor recommended the patient undergo _____, or irrigation of the colon.

9.      _____ means suturing of the rectum and anus.

10. _____ is hardening of the arteries.

11. The doctor said that _____ had occurred because the man's liver had ruptured.

12. The child was overly sensitive to pain, so he exhibited symptoms of _____.

13. _____ is an inflammation near the kidney.

14. Talking very rapidly, or _____, is may be a sign that someone is excited.

15. The patient's heart muscle was inflammed, so he was diagnosed with _____.

16. The x-ray revealed that the man had a double heart, or _____.

17. The man returned the video to the store because the video, when played, had _____, or two voice tones at the same time.

18. "Crossed eyes" cause one kind of _____.

19. A _____ is a bacterium that occurs in pairs or doubly.

20. If overdevelopment is _____, underdevelopment is expressed as _____.

21. A _____ is a disease that is mainly mental in origin.

22. The doctor's _____ was that the patient would recover.

23. _____ removes waste from the blood by using an artificial kidney.

24. The sneezes that come before a common cold are the _____ of the cold.