Medical Terminology Exercise 3

Directions: Based on vocabulary found on pages 67-88 in Medical Terminology, choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below. Compare your choice to the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

1.      _____ is a word meaning discharge of pus.

2.      The physician treated the patient for _____, which produced discharge, inflammation, and deafness in her ear.

3.      The baby cried because of _____, or an earache.

4.      The patient, who had a head cold, had a symptom of _____, or drainage from the nose.

5.      The man had a stone in his nose, or a _____.

6.      A gallstone, or _____, can be very painful.

7.      The woman underwent a _____, or removal of her uterus.

8.      _____ is the study of motion.

9.      The man suffered from _____, or abnormally slow heart action.

10. The boy developed indigestion because of his fast eating, or _____.

11. If _____ were not temporary and the person did not resume breathing, death would result.

12. Because the man ate so rapidly, he developed _____.

13. A germ cell from which vessels develop is an _____.

14. The doctor diagnosed the patient as suffering from hardening of muscle tissue, or _____.

15. The surgeon removed the tumor containing muscle fibers, or a _____.

16. The doctor did not know what was causing the _____, or destruction of blood tissue.

17. The changes that occur in the cell from ooblast to mature ovum are _____.

18. _____ means excision of the ovary.

19. When an ovary is displaced, an _____ is performed.

20. The woman underwent a _____, or excision of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

21. When the uterus prolapses, it is called _____.

22. The surgeon performed _____, or surgical repair of the eyelid.

23. The man suffered _____ because of the hard blow to his kidneys.

24. He has a _____, or kidney stone.