Medical Terminology Exercise 2

Directions: Based on vocabulary found on pages 38-66 in Medical Terminology, choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below. Compare your choice to the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

1.      _____ is a word meaning herniation of brain tissue.

2.      A pain in the head can be referred to as _____ or _____.

3.      Because the man had an inflammation of the brain, the physician diagnosed him as having _____.

4.      I learned the term _____, which means brain tumor.

5.      The accident caused a brain injury that resulted in softening of some brain tissue, or _____.

6.      She wants a specialist in _____ because she is having trouble with her joints and bones.

7.      In order to repair the patient's joint, the doctor performed _____.

8.      The main was suffering from _____ in his tendons; therefore, his physician performed _____.

9.      Muscles that move when a person breathes are the _____ muscles.

10. The man kept talking to himself and hitting himself in the face. His behavior was certainly _____.

11. When the fingers of the hand are spread apart, _____ has occurred in four fingers.

12. An _____ is formed when two normally separate tissues join together.

13. The physician had to surgically puncture the patient's abdomen. The word for this procedure is _____.

14. The word for incision into the bladder is _____, and the word for excision of the bladder is _____.

15. He suffered from a chest disease, or _____.

16. A _____ is a sac (or bladder) filled with watery fluid.

17. The doctor used _____, or treatment by water.

18. The surgery was very delicate, for the doctor had to make an incision into the skull, or _____.

19. _____ are bacteria that grow in twisted chains.

20. A _____ is a hernia containing pus.

21. _____ is an accumulation of pus in the thoracic cavity.

22. A bacterium that forms pus is referred is as a _____ bacterium.

23. _____ refers to the brain and spinal cord.

24. A device used to measure the pelvis is a _____.