Medical Terminology Exercise 1

Directions: Based on vocabulary found on pages 1-38 in Medical Terminology, choose the best term to complete each of the sentences below. Compare your choice to the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

1.      The man must have _____ because his hands and feet are enlarged.

2.      The girl has skin problems, so she went to a _____.

3.      Although the weather was very hot, the manís skin was blue because he suffered from _____.

4.      The doctor diagnosed the man as having _____ because he could not move his legs.

5.      The physician wanted a thin slice of the patientís skin for examination under a microscope, so the doctor asked for a _____.

6.      The womanís skin was very white because she suffered from _____.

7.      _____ is the study of cells.

8.      The doctor wanted to know how many white blood cells there were, so he asked for a _____ count.

9.      The manís body did not produce enough white blood cells because he was suffering from _____.

10. A symptom of the disease _____ is the presence of too many white blood cells in the blood.

11. Because the man had an enlarged heart, the _____ diagnosis was _____.

12. The patient complained of _____ because of the pain in his stomach.

13. The doctor ordered a partial _____ because the patientís stomach ulcer had perforated.

14. The surgeon performed a _____ to remove the natural connection between the stomach and the part of the small intestine that connects with the stomach. Then, he formed a new connection.

15. The womanís thyroid gland was secreting more than normal, so she was diagnosed with _____.

16. The pregnant woman suffered from excessive vomiting, or _____.

17. The manís organs continued to waste away, a condition known as _____.

18. The doctorís diagnosis was _____ because of the manís inflamed glands.

19. _____ is a disease of a gland.

20. The man had cancer of the spleen, or _____.

21. Pathologists use the term _____ to describe a substance that looks like fat, dissolves like fat, but is not fat.

22. _____ is secreted by cells in the nose, and any substance that resembles it is termed _____.

23. Because the air from the patientís nose to his larynx was obstructed, the surgeon performed a _____.

24. The woman had a pain in her head, or _____.