Fill in the Blank Exercise: J-R

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1.      He was injured by the ___ (shoving against) of the crowd.

2.      One ___ (description) for cigarettes is coffin nails.

3.      Nour ___ (runs) a team of surgeons.

4.      There was a ___ (sore) on his arm.

5.      His new diet ___ (restricts) the number of calories he can consume.

6.      One symptom is ___ (depression).

7.      The unfortunate baby's arm was ___ (misshapen).

8.      Technology has made it possible for scientists to ___ (chart) the part of the human brain responsible for perception.

9.      The two veins ___ (join together).

10.  Keep the soil ___ (damp), or the plant will die.

11.  The ball gained ___ (speed) as it rolled downhill.

12.  This seat is ___ (being used).

13.  Taking care of her children keeps her ___ (busy).

14.  Alexander Fleming ___ (holds) a high position in the list of leading scientists.

15.  The woman took an ___ (more of a dosage than prescribed) of sleeping pills.

16.  One ___ (specific) student, whom I won't name, did not complete his homework.

17.  Her temperature (reached the highest level) at 39 degrees.

18.  A bitter smell is ___ (characteristic of) to that type of poison.

19.  He is a ___ (odd) person.

20.  There is something wrong with his ___ (awareness) of the problem.

21.  The data ___ (puzzles) me.

22.  That specimen is in the wrong ___ (place where it is be).

23.  A genetic ___ (tendency) may cause autism.

24.  His ___ (opinion) is that we should start again.

25.  His life as a movie star is different than his ___ (private) life.

26.  As the disease ___ (advances), its symptoms increase.

27.  The ___ (recommended) treatment is heart surgery.

28.  The ___ (general population) has a right to know the truth.

29.  The nurse took the patient's ___ (heartbeat).

30.  She left her purse in a ___ (open) area.

31.  His condition ___ (gradually) worsened.

32.  Their TOEFL scores ___ (extended) from 500 to 550.

33.  The disease ___ (damages severely) the immune system.

34.  ___ (actuality) is people do not have wings, so they cannot fly.

35.  This is not the ___ (accepted) way to do that.

36.  The ___ (reappearance) of plague is a possibility.

37.  The term neoplasia ___ (is associated with) to cancer.

38.  Mohammed ___ (considers) this issue to be very important.

39.  The man ___ (was sent) to Dr. Faisal for treatment.

40.  The increase in lung cancer in women is ___ (linked) to the increasing number of female smokers.

41.  The mutant cell ___ (duplicates) itself.

42.  There was a brown ___ (deposit) in the empty beaker.

43.  This watch is water ___ (not harmed by).

44.  She is ___ (opposed) to change.

45.  The patient will ___ (bring back to the original condition) his health by following the doctor's orders.

46.  The earth ___ (revolves) around the sun.

47.  Heredity has been ___ (eliminated) as a cause of the disease.

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