Fill in the Blank Exercise: E-I

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1.      ___ (initial) signs of measles are fever and runny nose.

2.      The ___ (change caused by something) of the diet was weight loss.

3.      A piece of glass was (fixed deeply and firmly in something) in the wound.

4.      Studying vocabulary words ___ (makes possible) students to pass vocabulary tests.

5.      I asked the man to ___ (make bigger) the photograph to a larger size.

6.      I completed the ___ (whole) task in less than one hour.

7.      The ___ (tools) included a Bunsen burner, tube, and beaker.

8.      Smallpox has almost been ___ (eliminated).

9.      Treatment is ___ (vital) if a patient is to recover from bubonic plague.

10.  The water ___ (converted into another form or disappears) into hot steam.

11.  The hematoma was ___ (overly large) in size.

12.  The vocal chords ___ (perform) a series of well-coordinated movements during swallowing.

13.  He ___ (displayed) signs of paranoia.

14.  The room was ___ (vast).

15.  Winning $1 million was ___ (unexpected).

16.  The discovery of the new star in the solar system was ___ (remarkable).

17.  A gastroscope is an instrument that ___ (enables) exploration of the upper gastric tract.

18.  One ___ (characteristic) of the disease is trembling.

19.  The little boy ___ (moved around restlessly) in his chair.

20.  The ___ (purified) water did not contain foreign matter.

21.  The process ___ (produces) heat.

22.  Most teenagers complain that their parents' ___ (age group) doesn't understand them.

23.  The disease ___ (progressively) worsened.

24.  The baby's head was ___ (bizarre) because of the swelling.

25.  This discovery ___ (suggests) at a cure for the disease.

26.  It was a crime against ___ (the human race).

27.  The prisoners were treated with ___ (the quality of being kind and understanding).

28.  Scientists ___ (speculate) that a mutant gene causes the disease.

29.  Autistic individuals have limited ___ (the ability to form ideas and pictures in your mind).

30.  The blood clot may ___ (harm) his chance of survival.

31.  An ___ (person) suffering from plague usually dies.

32.  The scientist examined each ___ (single) sample under a microscope.

33.  The doctor prescribed a soothing lotion for my ___ (redness).

34.  Some cosmetics ___ (redden) the skin.

35.  Hemophilia is an ___ (passed from a parent to a child) disease.

36.  ___ (early) symptoms are wheezing and coughing.

37.  ___ (ingestion) of junk food will result in obesity.

38.  The ___ (meant for) purpose of the drug is to relieve pain.

39.  The course was only for a week, so it was very ___ (concentrated).

40.  He was ___ (inebriated) from the alcohol.

41.  He ___ (consistently) comes late.

42.  I'm not sure what the ___ (something that causes an irritation) is that is causing the rash on my face.

43.  The boy's ___ (inflamed) arm caused him intense pain.

44.  The ___ (isle) is located in the Caribbean.

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