Fill in the Blank Exercise: D

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1.      AIDS is a ___ (incapacitating) disease.

2.      A ___ (faulty) heart valve can lead to health problems.

3.      Although everyone said Faisal was wrong, he ___ (supported) his answer to the question.

4.      He suffered from a ___ (lack) of vitamin A.

5.      There was a ___ (clear) change in the liquid after the catalyst was added.

6.      Huntington’s disease is a ___ (deteriorating) disease.

7.      He suffered from ___ (gloom) because of the death of his child.

8.      The cell had become ___ (abnormal in appearance) and no longer resembled the parent cell.

9.      The main ingredient in the painkiller is ___ (comes) from a common plant.

10.  Researchers have not ___ (discovered) autism’s cause.

11.  The bad news ___ (crushed) his mother.

12.  What are the ___ (measurements) of the new building?

13.  Scientists have ___ (determined) that a mutant gene causes the disease.

14.  Most new cells failed to develop; however, new cells in the hippocampus did mature. This ___ (difference) may be because they are needed there.

15.  Drinking a lot of water ___ (dissolves) the toxin.

16.  Sugar ___ (makes something solid become part of a liquid by putting it in the liquid) in water.

17.  The chemical ___ (changed so that it appeared unnatural) the natural shape of the object.

18.  The map shows the ___ (location) of AIDS cases throughout the world.

19.  They ___ (split) the work among themselves.

20.  The heat made me ___ (lightheaded).

21.  The object was shaped like a ___ (a shape like a ball cut in half).

22.  I hope there will be a kidney ___ (giver).

23.  The technician placed a ___ (globule) of blood on the glass slide.


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