Fill in the Blank Exercise: C

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1.      A special tool, ___ (termed) a gastroscope, is used to perform a gastroscopy.

2.      Fleas are ___ (transmitters) of the Y. pestis bacterium.

3.      The ___ (principal) reason for attending school is to acquire knowledge.

4.      He ___ (was filled with tears) when he heard the bad news.

5.      He suffers from ___ (unable to be cured) arthritis.

6.      He moved his arms in a ___ (adj. for circle) motion.

7.      The ball was lost in a ___ (cluster) of trees.

8.      ___ (related to the process of knowing, thinking, and learning) skills are important for students.

9.      Faisal and Abdulaziz ___ (worked together) on the project.

10.  The doctor used a new drug to ___ (try to defeat) the disease.

11.  We ___ (began) our studies in September.

12.  Kuwaitis and Saudi share a ___(same) language.

13.  Measles is a ___ (transmittable) disease.

14.  Measles used to be a ___ (ordinary) disease.

15.  Brain surgery is a ___ (intricate) procedure.

16.  His father ___ (gave) the name Bader on him.

17.  The baby was born with a ___ (present from birth) birth defect.

18.  The mixture must be kept at a ___ (unvarying) temperature.

19.  The glass ___ (held) water.

20.  The teacher asked him to stop his ___ (persistent) chatter.

21.  He ___ (became infected with) leprosy.

22.  There was a ___ (argument) over whether we should go or stay.

23.  The water was ___ (changed) into steam.

24.  The disease is ___ (transmitted) to humans by infected mice.

25.  Receiving prompt treatment is ___ (critical) if the patient is to live.

26.  Hodgkin’s disease eventually ___ (ends) in death.


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