Fill in the Blank Exercise: A-B

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1.      By adding the chemical, we ___ (speed up) the process.

2.      We need to ___ (focus on) the need for a cure for this disease.

3.      He is suffering from ___ (worry).

4.      Eating too much candy will ___ (influence) your weight.

5.      Astronauts use a special breathing ___ (piece of equipment).

6.      ___ (spread on) the cream all over your skin.

7.      One ___ (use) of the program is to help you learn better.

8.      He was suffering from pain in the ___ (region) near his heart.

9.      The worker ___ (constructed) the new machine.

10.  HIV can be defined according to three ___ (qualities).

11.  ___ (fasten) your photograph to your application.

12.  Food is a ___ (essential) human need.

13.  My new shoes caused a ___ (sore) on my heel.

14.  It takes less than 10 seconds for the two papers to ___ (adhere).

15.  The bronchi ___ (separate) into bronchioles.

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