Crazy about speed
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Before October 15, 2000, Khalid had as normal a life as any other high school student. However, that evening, an auto accident changed everything, and he hovered between life and death. Read Asma Salim Al-Shandoudi's account of what altered Khalid's once normal life.
Twenty-year-old Mohammed walked away from a crash that sent two young boys to hospital. A year later, he still struggles to cope with what happened. Mutaib M. Al-Said talks with Mohammed in "An Interview with Someone Who Caused an Accident."
Out of the ashes
Folk medicine
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Amal Rashid shares the results of her research on al waseem, an Omani custom which many consider to be a part of their heritage and culture. They claim it can't be replaced by "chemical medication" as                   they like to call medications from hospitals. Al waseem is the                technique of using a red-hot iron to cure illnesses ranging from
           hepatitus B to cancer.
A lump of coal, some incense, and a lighter were a deadly combination  in the hands of a small boy. The fire he started left his eight-month-old sister dead. Read "Interview 3" by Asma Salim Al-Shandoudi to learn more about fire safety and personal forgiveness.
Nephrotic Syndrome
Ahlam Attiq defines nephrotic syndrome, a condition caused by many kidney diseases. The syndrome leads to damage of the filtering units of the kidney. Ahlam shows how to combine skills learned in information technology and English to produce an informative and interesting project.