Vocabulary Preview

Listening Clues
In this talk, the differences in girls' and boys' diets will be discussed. Also, it will discuss these differences affect them later when they are adults. Now, let's listen to the talk. Afterwards, answer the questions below to see how well you understood the talk.

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1. There are half as many girls as there are boys.
   a. True
   b. False
2.  At present, more women die prematurely than men.
    a. True
    b. False
3.  Girls eat less because ___.
    a. they do not want to be fat
    b. they eat 45 percent less than boys
    c. they lead active lives

4.  Researchers studied children aged ___.
    a. five to seven
    b. five to 17
    c. none of the above

5.  How many more fruits and vegetables do girls eat than boys eat?
    a. 17 percent
    b. 45 percent
    c. 55 percent

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