Editing Exercise 1: Acids and Bases

By Shobha Nandagopal

Directions: Edit the sentences below for errors. After typing your edited sentence in the box, click on “answer” to see if you are correct.

Sentence 1

acids and bases have characteristic property.

Sentence 2

An acid have a sour taste while a base taste bitter.

Sentence 3

Lemon juice which it contains citric acid tastes, sour while, soap which contains bases feels, slippery.

Sentence 4

If litmus, which is a vegetable dye, is introduced into an acid, it changes color from blue to red.

Sentence 5

An alkali too changes the litmus paper from red to blue.

Sentence 5

Furthermore acids become less acidic when they combine with bases because bases become less alkaline when they combine with acids.