Vocabulary Preview

Listening Clues
In this talk, the most important cause of type 2 diabetes in children will be explained. Also, it will discuss this cause's effect on children later when they are adults. Now, let's listen to the talk. Afterwards, answer the questions below to see how well you understood the talk.

Click on HERE to listen to the talk.

1. There are 20 million obese children in Britain.
   a. True
   b. False
2.  Type 2 diabetes never affects adults.
    a. True
    b. False
3.  Insulin is produced in ___.
    a. the pancreas
    b. the spleen
    c. the hormone

4.  What causes diabetes?
    a. an effect of insulin
    b. a recurrence of insulin
    c. a deficiency of insulin

5.  Insulin controls the amount of ___ in our blood?
    a. glucose
    b. hormones
    c. obesity

   Click here for ANSWERS to the questions.